College Conference

“But flee youthful lust, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart – 2 Timothy 2:22

February 15th – 17th, Friday to Sunday

Once a semester, college students from all over Texas and neighboring states come together for a weekend of singing, fellowship, and making friends with fellow Christians and students. It is held in Latham Springs, Texas as a quiet getaway for all those seeking to grow in the Lord. The conference centers around a theme, with messages given by experienced and intriguing speakers. Students can volunteer to share their enjoyment from these messages as a testimony. Outside of the speaking, outdoor activities provide opportunity for students to bond and grow friendships which enrich the conference experience.


The purpose of the college conference is to spend a whole weekend to see and   enjoy Christ in His word, in an environment that is free from busy schedules, anxieties of school, and other distractions. Often times, the Lord would take His disciples to a deserted place or a mountaintop far away from the crowds in order to unveil something deep and precious regarding God’s eternal purpose (e.g. Matt. 17:1). We want to give the Lord such an opportunity to speak a personal and life-giving word to each one of us.


  • The conference begins at 7:15pm on  Friday, February 15th  and ends Sunday February 17th at 12:30pm.

  • A free BBQ dinner will be served at the West Community Center (see map on back for details).

  • You will need to bring your Bible,  hymnal, pen, pillow, sleeping bag, blanket, towel, ear plugs, and other toiletries.

  • Gas money:  If you are not driving your own vehicle, please be prepared to give your driver at least $10 to help cover the cost of gas.



Austin Texas



  • “In the midst of a restless school semester, the Latham Springs conference was a weekend for me to receive peace, joy, and the abundant riches of Christ.” – Maria V.

  • “I have been going to the Latham Springs conference since I was a freshman and every time I return changed, transformed and filled with Christ.” – Meron A.

  • “College Conference was definitely more than I expected.  Being with the brothers and sisters, people I never met, but feeling a unity in Christ was an amazing experience.  It was an opportunity for me to be baptized, and this time around was so much more meaningful and special!  As I rose from the water, it was as if I felt the victory of Christ Himself in resurrection.  College Conference was well worth it!” – Ryan A.