God was running towards me


I was raised as a Christian, but I never took my faith seriously and questioned many of the Bible’s teachings. I was a confirmed agnostic and I did as I pleased without fear of consequence. But there came a point during my 24th year on this earth when something just came over me and, all of a sudden, my moral indiscretions began to weigh heavily on my heart. It is hard to describe, but I felt a great sense of inadequacy and I came to believe that this was God calling upon me to change my ways. I was lucky enough to have Christian parents that I could turn to and a spiritual foundation that I could build upon. Christians on Campus has given me a place where I can fellowship with other believers whenever I am away at school. I am relatively new to my faith and these bible study sessions have really broadened my understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings. Being a believer is a great burden, but an even greater honor. Like the prodigal son, I feel as though God was running towards me and welcoming me back into his fold.

J.A. – Senior